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Variety has been supporting Kiwi kids since 1989. By partnering with us you and your business can help to create brighter futures for children and young people in New Zealand.

We welcome partners who share our passion and commitment to improving the lives of children living in poverty and who are champions for sustainable social change.

Why partner with Variety?

Partnering with Variety is an effective way to make a tangible difference in the lives of children living in poverty.

“It’s been a fantastic experience for Ford, helping New Zealand communities, children, schools and families in need and having a great time along the way.”   Ford New Zealand (Partner since 1991)

"Variety understands the meaning of true partnerships with the companies that support them and go out of their way to ensure alignment and engagement.”   The Warehouse (Partner since 2001)

“We’ve developed a fantastic relationship with Variety and it’s an honour to work with a charity that makes a real, tangible difference for those who need it most.”   SkyCity (Partner since 2003)

We value the meaningful partnerships we have formed with the business community. Our partners share our purpose of enabling children and young people to thrive in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A partnership with Variety will:

  • Support Kiwi kids to give them a happier, healthier childhood
  • Improve health, education and wellbeing outcomes for children across New Zealand
  • Provide opportunities for engagement with your employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Build the relationships your company has and the reputation it fosters with your customers
  • Deliver against your corporate responsibility strategies and sustainability goals

Our partners choose to:

  • Donate directly to Variety's programmes and campaigns
  • Support fundraising activities with their products
  • Share opportunities to promote Variety and its purpose through their marketing and PR activities
  • Engage staff through workplace fundraising and payroll giving.

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Involve your business

The generous support Variety receives from New Zealand businesses is vital for creating brighter futures for our children.

Partner with Variety

We’d love to partner with you and welcome you into our fantastic community of Kiwi businesses of all sizes that are helping to reduce child poverty in New Zealand.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving allows you to make regular donations that come off each pay and automatically receive a tax credit of 33.33c for every donated dollar.

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Interested in a corporate partnership?

Variety can help you meet your organisation’s goals and objectives, please contact:

Liz Price

Corporate Partnerships Manager

icon--phone-mobile027 676 8736

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