Every child is unique and has different hopes, dreams and needs.

For as little as $20 a month, you can help give children across New Zealand the learning aids, sporting opportunities, medical and mobility equipment, and everyday essentials they need to thrive.

As a Hero for Kids monthly supporter, your donations are combined with those of other generous donors to fund the most urgent and immediate needs of children.

This allows us to help hundreds of children and young people across New Zealand each year.

Do you want to be a hero?

The friendly team at Variety can answer any questions that you have.

Email sponsorkids@variety.org.nz or phone (09) 520 4111

Let us answer your questions about Hero for Kids.

Frequently asked questions

We get an average of 60 funding applications for children in need across the country each month. As a Hero for Kids monthly supporter your donations are combined with those of other generous supporters to fund the most urgent and immediate of needs, one child at a time.
If you’re looking for a 1-for-1 way to help, Kiwi Kid Sponsorship might be just what you’re after. If you go to our website and click “Sponsor a child” you can view the profiles of children who are waiting for a sponsor.
The families who apply to us for support have varying needs. We review each application to ensure the family meet our criteria, including income levels. Many are typical, hardworking Kiwi families who, despite their best efforts, are unable to provide their children with essential items such as shoes, warm bedding, or stationery for school. In other cases, the family might face overwhelming costs for much needed medical equipment, digital learning aids, or mobility equipment for children living with a disability. As a Hero for Kids, you are making these things possible for children who would otherwise go without.
We’ll send out your tax certificate at the end of the financial year (in April). This will cover all your donations, so you don’t have to keep track of several different receipts. If you make a donation in addition to your regular monthly payments (such as a donation to one of our appeals), you’ll receive a confirmation via email; then this will be reflected on your annual tax certificate. Donations are eligible for a NZ tax credit of 33.3c in the dollar.
We’d love for you to stay on the Hero for Kids team for as long as possible, but we understand that circumstances can change. If you’d like to change your support at any time, just let us know.
While other organisations do good work in providing items in bulk for large numbers of children, at Variety we recognise that not all children need the same things. Our point of difference is that we assess a child’s individual needs and respond accordingly. This allows us to make the most impactful difference to each child.
Variety New Zealand has no religious affiliations, although we do work alongside churches, schools, district health boards and other community agencies to ensure that we are giving the children the best help possible.
Variety does not receive government funding. It is supporters like you who make our work possible. This is why every person who chooses to join our Hero for Kids team is a gamechanger!
At least 75% of every dollar you give is used for the direct benefit of the children. A small portion 25% maximum) helps cover the cost of running the programme. This includes getting in touch with the child’s family and support organisations to assess and support their needs, reporting back to you on how your donations have been spent and recruiting more caring people like you.
We’ll send you a newsletter twice a year to let you know how your support is helping, and keep you informed of other opportunities to make a difference. Another great way to keep up to date is to follow us on social media.
Group 89More questions? Contact us on 09 520 4111 or Sponsorkids@variety.org.nz
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