Become a Hero for Kids monthly donor

For as little as $20 a month, you can help give children across New Zealand the learning aids, sporting opportunities, medical and mobility equipment, and everyday essentials they need to thrive.  

So, are you ready to be a hero for kids like Henry?  

Henry is the bravest little guy you’d ever meet. Every day, he struggles against two debilitating conditions that make breathing and swallowing really difficult – but Henry keeps up the fight.  

Thankfully, there are vests which use vibration technology to loosen mucus and clear the airways. Unfortunately, this crucial device costs thousands of dollars, and Henry’s family were already struggling to make ends meet.

The team at Variety were so happy to be able to fund a vest for Henry, with help from our supporters. 


Become a monthly donor

Every child is unique, and each has different dreams and needs.  

From as little as $20 a month, you’ll help Kiwi kids with: 



Mobility equipment, beds and medical devices

"She's overjoyed with her mobility trike, and every day she can't wait to ride it."


Stationery, learning aids, uniform items and other school needs

"I can't wait to start school with my brand new uniform!"


Extra-curricular opportunities, such as camps and sports

"I got player of the day at netball - I'm so glad I had a go!"

Hero for Kids donors helped fund Mia’s music therapy.  

Her mother writes:  

“My daughter has been able to make friends and communicate in a safer, better way. She’s just blossomed and is extremely happy!”  

Help young New Zealanders like Henry and Mia.


Become a monthly donor


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