Help change the lives of disadvantaged Kiwi kids

For as little as $10 a month, you’ll give disadvantaged children access to life-changing assistance they would otherwise go without. Your regular donation provides financial support for: 

Basic necessities
It might be basic clothing, shoes, stationery for school, warm clothes, bedding, medicine or an extra curricular activity that helps them feel included.

Much-needed medical equipment
Like a continuous glucose monitor or epipen.

Life-transforming mobility equipment
Such as a specialist trike for a child with physical restrictions.

Digital devices
To help with learning and communication

To try out a new activity, or to achieve a life goal in the arts, sport or education.

Become a Hero for Kids

We get an average of 60 funding applications for children in need across the country each month. Your donations are combined with those of other generous supporters to fund the most urgent and immediate of needs. As a Hero for Kids monthly donor, you make it possible for Variety to provide funding for more of the kids who need it most.

Meet Te Rama

Te Rama craved sensory stimulation, but this often meant lots of broken toys.

The 5-year-old has Austism Spectrum Disorder, and play for him is a lot more complicated than for other children his age. He seeks sensory stimulation that often comes in the form of throwing, pulling and banging his toys against surfaces.
His mum was worried about small parts breaking off, and the cost of replacing his toys was becoming unmanageable. He needed special safe toys from a store that specialises in sensory play. “They had to be totally indestructible,” his mum Bobbie said.

The problem was the price tag: it put these good quality toys completely out of reach.

“There’s just no way we could have afforded them without help,” said Bobbie.

Bobbie applied to Variety for the equipment, and thanks to people like you, Te Rama now has the same opportunity to play as other children. He's playing safely, and learning lots too. Best of all, no broken toys. The gear not only helps with motor skills, but they’re completely safe for him to throw around.

Every day, Variety Hero for Kids supporters give disadvantaged children like Te Rama access to life-changing assistance they'd otherwise go without.

Become a Hero for Kids

Meet Ana

Ana is 17 years old and has Goldenhar Syndrome. This has caused multiple disabilities, including being born with one ear. She has severe hearing difficulties and communicates using New Zealand sign language... Read more